1 About Me

My name is Aita Kychkina and I am the student of the 3d course of institute of foreign literature of North-eastern federal university named by M.K. Ammosov. Of course, I always find foreign languages and culture interesting for me and so it was not difficult for me to imagine my future.
It is very important to go to your dream with “firm hide steps” and I also can say that I am a great dreamer. To my mind, it is not so bad but I find that it sometimes prevents me to concentrate at important things. But if I catch “serious wind” I will do all my best at the deals.
My world consists of my friends and family. They are my supports and critics. So, all my free time I carry out with them.
My great passion is music in all it’s derivatives, though I am not talented in singing. It accompanies me everywhere. Each great moment of my life is connected with, dear for my heart, song.
We are all individualities. We are all special. My close people, music and, first of all, my dreams make me special.

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