1 What Makes Me Special

I walk through the doors of my university every day and watch hundreds of people pass by. Millions of young people just like me walk down the street, attend university, go to cinema, meet with their friends and do other things that everyone do. So what makes me so special? I hope the answer is obvious to my close friends who know me well.

There are a lot of things in my life that make me unique such as my favourite type of music, the cloths I wear, my favourite color, the people I hang out with, my boyfriend and how much I love him, the way I sing, dance, draw, my amazing friends, my lovely black pug, my fingerprints, my life experiences.

I’m a shopaholic. I can easily waste thousands for books and dresses, and often I just can’t stop. One time I asked mother to buy me a guitar, but I didn’t touch it. It still lying somewhere in my flat.
Also I terribly afraid of spiders (and other large insects) and height. It seems that my heart stop beating wnen I look down through the 7th floor’s window.

I know I am not a saint. I make mistakes, sometimes I make the wrong decisions, I get mad and frustrated and I can’t control my temper, but that is what makes me human, because no one is perfect.
You don’t have to be rich, beautiful or gifted to be unique. Just be yourself and keep on laughing.

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