1 What Makes Me Special Ira

Life is like a box of chocolate, you don't know what it is in.
“Forest Gump”
I like chocolate very much, so this expression exactly tells my mind about what the life is.

Hi! My name is Ira. In this period of time I have a happy family, enough for me reliable friends, trust-worthy boyfriend and a big unknown future, which I look forward to open and experience. Additionally to the given quotation, I want to say that I see my life as a big box inside of which is one box, and one by one I open it. And in the end I can get one, but small and precious thing, which will be something for the sake of it I did all my way.
I could not write about my character because it would be like a letter of reference to institute or something like that. I will tell you what I like to do and how I behave in different situations.
To my mind every happenings couldn’t be accidental. So I don’t care about my mistakes and failures, because I know that experiences teach and step by step I perfect myself.
I like finding and reading expressions and quotation of outstanding people in order to use and benefit them in my different desperate situations. I respect people who are older and have a much more experience than me.
I'm naive person, and it is a real problem. They say that the more higher you fly, the more hurts you will get at falling. Of course, this statement treats only to feelings and no more, but I'm sure that in some cases it's true.
I cannot sit in one place doing one work all day long. But at the same time I am not so active person. I like to do things, which I do of my own free will.
Everywhere the first step is hard, but nobody dispense with it. So I willingly attempt new ideas.
The control of yourself is the highest power. Wherever I go wherever I do, I try to change my character to the perfect point. I do my best to get used to do something necessary, make myself to follow something if it would be better for me.
And in the end I want to say that “people, who patiently wait for something, in fact they finally will get it, but this something could be odds and ends of people who didn't wait for”.

It was very interesting to read your story. I think that it is really hard to change character, I even think that you should not change it but a person can change his attitude to different things, he may become wiser and more knowledgable. Marina Ionarievna

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