11 The Importance Of New Technologies In Our Life

Today's society is different to the one that existed not so many years ago. Our society is constantly changing. The most important characteristics of our era may be the transformation, transmission and dominion of information. We live in an information society where the leading role has been given to new technologies, especially those devoted to information. Our society could not be imagined without new technologies and their role both in this society and in human life in general.

Modern technology has revolutionized people‚Äôs communication. Radio, telephone, satellite communication, cellular technology, wireless Internet … in the modern day two people can chat with a help of computer when they're in different places. Technology is building bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe, bringing people from all cultures and backgrounds into contact with each other.
The Internet hosts an enormous information base. Technology has made it possible for this information to reach far and wide. Online education has set in, making it possible to render knowledge to students inhabiting remote locations on Earth. It is due to the World Wide Web that the information could reach one and all over the computer networks.

Also modern technology has also provided ways to grow more food, transport more people and make more products for a growing society.

Another biggest benefits of modern technology is that human health have improved because of its application. As knowledge of the body and its functions improves, and as new tools to help heal it are created, life lasts longer. Not only does life extend, but people can live more comfortably, and recover from wounds and diseases that even a half a century ago would have been fatal.

Nowadays machines have begun executing laborious, repetitive tasks. People do not have to slog to the extent they did before the advent of technology. Automation of processes has brought about efficiency and speed. Speedy performance of tasks has saved human effort and time.

But in my opinion, new technologies sometimes are making people dull. For example, if you have to add 85+63+11+759 (or something difficult like that) then you'll surely depend on calculators of such devices. But where's our mind mechanism?

So we need technologies, because they are making our life more comfortable and safety, but lets' not make technologies our habit.

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