2 My Favourite Place

The place that is very important to me is my granny’s house in a village. There I spent all my happy childhood. It is an old wooden house with a green roof and carved windows that was built by my grandpa many years ago.
The house was set in a small pretty garden. There I and my younger sisters used to play hide-and-seek, because there were a lot of inconspicuous places. When I was ten years old I found there a little hungry kitten and took it in the house. Now this poor creature becomes a large, strong cat that lived with my granny. Many emerald green fir-trees, bushes of wineberry and bird cherry trees grew in that garden. From it’s berries granny did a delicious jam, that we ate during whole winter. In summer when bird cherry trees bloomed, the whole street was steeped by amazing scent.
Behind the house there was a large black lake surrounded by willows and with a tiny island in a center. I always liked to play on it. I summer we got to it by grandpa’s canoe, but in winter – on foot. We used to do fishing there just for a cat’s meal. Once in the early spring, I and my sister were walking on this lake, but suddenly ice cracked and my sister went under it. I didn’t lose my mind and draw her with a help of stick. I still remember this story with sense of fear.
The atmosphere in inner house was always warm and homely. But the most favorite place was an attic. It was a pretty little nook with a lot of flotsam and jetsam from the last century: antique books, toys, photos and pretty-pretties. In summer I could spent almost whole day resting in a hammock, hiding from heat in the attic. Here I, my sisters and neighborhood kids often gathered together and told each other ghost stories. But when savoury odor of granny’s cabbage pies wafted up to us, everyone run for dear life at the kitchen.
Now I live in the town that is at a distance of 300 kilometers from this house. And I visit it only once a year. But when I open the jar with granny’s wineberry jam I could clearly remember this house from my far childhood.

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