2 Paragraph About Yakutia Ira

Yakutia is unusual place with particular weather, wonderful landscape, different villages and cities and extremely hospital and kind people. There are many interesting and popular facts, which are well- known all over the world. First of all, it is that our Yakutia is the most largest region in Russian Federation. And the form of our native place on a map is in the form of heart, that is why they say that it is the heart of whole Russia. Yakutia is the most administrative territorial unit in the world. If Yakutia was an independent state, it would take the 8th place in the world because of territory. "Alrosa" is the popular producer of diamond and takes the second place by extend of selling diamonds in the world. Moreover there is the most biggest in the country location of uranium in Elkonsk. In 2006 the bank of Russia made a coin devoted to Republic of Sakha. Also Yakutia is popular for its own legends, traditions, customs, celebrations and historical places. That is why if you visit our place you will be greatly surprised of fact that we do not ride deers or dogs, there are no diamonds on a roads and there is not a winter during the whole year.

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