2 Should Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars

It is well known fact, that millions of people die every year from lung cancer as a result of smoking. So, many countries prohibit smoking in public places. However, some people think it disturb their individual freedom and selection.
To my mind, smoking in public places, especially in restaurants and cafes must be banned. Restaurants are for eating, not smoking. People who do not smoke suffer from fume and smell. The scientists are sure that passive smoking is harmful for our health at the same value. Smoking is affected to our health. For example, when pregnant woman is smoking, she should understand that her unborned baby in the womb is smoking also. Moreover, his life can be at risk. Every year more and more babies are borning ill or even dead because of the bad habit of their mothers. Undoubtedly, there are a lot children and young people in different cafes and public places, and they do not have to see how adults smoke because they always learn and get experience from them.
In the other hand, we live in democratic world and everyone has the right to do want he wants and this is a freedom. In fact, everyone must respect other people’s feelings and we have to cooperate with each other.
In conclusion I want to say that banning smoking is necessary measure for health of nation. In my opinion, we have to prohibit advertisement of tobacco on mass media and parents have to explain the damage of tobacco to their children. We all are responsible for future of our generations. Those countries, who had already forbidden smoking in public places had done a big step forward, compare to the countries who have not done it yet.

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