3 For And Against Living In A Big City

It is often believed that there are many advantages of living in a big city. And big city offers many entertainments and possibilities. Cinemas, theatres, museums, cafes and restaurants open their doors to the public. Walking along the streets of a big city one can enjoy looking at beautiful buildings and statues.
The main advantage of living in a big city is that there are more working places, and salaries are higher then in the country. Life is more convenient because of many shops and supermarkets where you can easily do your shopping and which are open around the clock.
But there are also many things to be said against living in a big city. There are several disadvantages, which for many people are considered to be rather serious. First of all, a big city is very dirty. The air smells petrol. There are a lot of wrappers on the ground. Few trees. Cities are real stone jungles. The second disadvantage is the anonymity of a big city, where people do not know each other. They do not care about people round them and they are very selfish, because if you are not, you would not survive in a big city. The third disadvantage is that big cities are really big, and you have to waste an our or more to get to work, while in the country people have time to come home to have lunch with their families.
Taking everything into account, I can say that soon more and more people would choose to live in the country. To my mind, the level of life there will be the same with the city and it will be combined with the pleasures of life in a village.

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