3 Person I Know Well Ira

I would like to tell you about my father. i know him very well and i see him as ideal of real father, husband and simply person with broad mind. From my childhood he supports me in my every first step of adult life.i like his character, because in every situation he tries to find the solution of problem. He has optimistic view on a life. i cannot cover from him things, which concern me: my problems and secrets. Finally he can feel that i am anxious about something and i could not make up my mind, so he asks me without any odd questions. It is the main feature of his character. i think that every parent should understand his child without word. Also he can know person's character at first sight. May be he supposes it from person's behavior, manner or speech, and may be because of father's big life experiences. He brings up us very strictly, to treat to our studies very seriously and responsibly. That is why undoubtedly i can say that i would not be a person who i am now without my father, without his education and advice. When i go to my parents, father always read me "lection". when i was at school, i was so nervous for him because of his long conversation "eyes to eyes". But now i think that it was an only one correct method of bringing up children. He teaches me to be independent. To be independent in my decisions and studies. Other parents say to their children "be independent" and they leave him alone, with his thoughts and problems. Of course it is irregular, because parent should help and teach his children all time. And if i make a mistake my father can abuse me. And i do not shout him that i am an adult and it is inequitable and run away in hysterics. I say to myself "Stop! you really doing something not correct, even if my father said it". That is why my father is my closest person and when i talk him my secrets, i am sure that he would not go to his friends and said it. When we come to our parents we said "hello, chap!" in humor. And it does not mean that we do not respect him and do not see as our father, it means that he is our best friend!

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