4 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad And Studyi

Today, many young people can get higher education in foreign country. No doubt, global thinking and knowledge other culture are big advantages. At the same time, you have to live separately from your family and friends. This essay will discuss some arguments for and against getting education abroad.

There are several good points about getting education abroad in contrast with domestic one. First of all, people have to study new language and culture. As a result they can compare their own culture with foreign one and think more globally. The second point is that people get better standards of teaching abroad than in their own country. For instance, there are many students which go abroad to get tertiary education. Before enroll at a university they usually pass exam. Finally, after several year of studying young people make friends. So they can share their time together and have interesting and fun life.

On the other hand, there several disadvantages of getting degree abroad. The main bad point is that students have to live there without parents, relatives and old friends. Therefore man can feel loneliness and nostalgia. The next point is that tuition fee is usually more expensive than it at home. Moreover, young people have to find accommodation to live in and will have to pay for it during their education.

To sum up, I sincere believe that we have to extent the opportunities for our children to get education abroad. But parents don’t have to forget about issues there and have to support them. I’m sure exchange of knowledge and cultures is progress for our civilization.

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