5 For And Against Fast Food

The system of fast food is prevalent in all countries, with each country having its own variations of types served and the nature of establishments serving. The most popular of them is McDonald's, KFC, Burger King’s restaurants, and so on. Despite all the disputes about the advantages and disadvantages of fast food, that industry is prospering. But is fast food good or bad?

From the one hand, the greatest disadvantage of fast food is the negative effect that it has on health. It is a fact that it is more unhealthy than home-cooked meals, as they contain higher amounts of salt, fats and calories. Eating a lot of calories tends to make you overweight. This leads to issues like diabetes and heart diseases. Second, fat tends to cause things like high cholesterol counts that also contribute to heart disease. There is little emphasis on fresh fruit or vegetables, and due to the fact that most fast-foods are fried, a great amount of the vitamins is lost due to the frying process.

From the other hand, it has one evident advantage – fast food saves time. Cooking meals by yourself requires a lot of time and efforts. You have to go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for a dish, than wash, cut, peel it and the others. All this makes eating fast food more preferably over cooking a meal for a busy person. Besides, it’s more cheaper it in fast food restaurants. Also, it’s good when people are not able to cook, for example , while travelling. As I said before, such kind of food raises health problem. But you can find in menu dishes that is not so unhealthy. For instance, salad. Try to order boiled food instead of fried. Avoid ordering carbonated drinks when you are thirsty. Go for fruit juices, milk, diet soda or just still water.

To sum it up, I can say that fast food is a part of our fast-paced life. However, like everything, it has its own advantages, but disadvantages also exist. However, by making some choices what to order and also leading an active lifestyle, it is possible to lessen the drawbacks of fast food.

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