5 Smoking Must Be Banned In All Restaurants And Bars Ira

Nowadays smoking is the popular bad habit of humanity. Everywhere we can see advertisements, which said that smoking destroys your health, but nobody pay attention in such inscriptions. Consequently there are many public places where people can eat, talk to and smoke.
To my mind every smoker should think about surrounding him people, first of all smoking hurts to them.
I think that manager when he makes project of his future restaurant should think not only about visitor’s satisfactions from food or cozy conditions, their relaxation and impression from his place, the most important thing is that he should take care of their health, he should not allow them to smoke in a hall, where there a lot of non-smokers. Even if there is a special separate hall for them, manager should take a responsibility and think just for a minute that money is not the first aim of his restaurant, it is that he wants to make people’s life more interesting more various and carries joyful and piece to their life.
Today we can see that where it is a smoking in restaurants there are alcohol drinks in it. That is why we come up to the decision that every manager cares only about benefits for himself.
After visiting such places people begin to smoke more often, because every man wants to go somewhere, to relax, to meet and talk to friends. And gradually they become depend on smoking and would not be able to drop this habit, also former non-smoker together with them.
In conclusion I want to say that people should not be indifferent to each other. It is a real problem. Also smoking must be banned in not only restaurants and bars, taking everything into consideration I think that it should be banned in all public places: streets, squares, parks and so on.

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