6 For And Against Using Internet Ira

In modern time everybody knows that Internet day by day becomes more popular, powerful, stronger and wider. But some people against it.
The greatest advantage of Internet is that you can find your necessary information by clicking only button. You would not go to the library in order to look for what you need and spend all your time to it. Not to mention the fact that if you want to find your friends, relatives, talk to foreigners or play some games, take photos, see interesting videos- Internet is only one way to do it more cheaper, faster and comfortable .
There are many things to be said against. First of all, Internet could not develop your mind, skills and abilities. People gradually start to rely on Internet and that is all what they can do in order to achieve their purposes. They do not do any actions or efforts to solute their problem. Moreover there are so many serves in Internet such as chats, different games, psychological tests, love meetings or something else, which attract people's attention. Finally the man, who spends his time sitting in front of his computer finding his "close friend", becomes dependent on it.
And to my mind it becomes a real big problem of humanity at all.
In conclusion I want to say that Internet helps us to be in step with a time, so we can broad our mind and know about everything, what happened in the world. But we should use it not so often, control and admit that in some cases Internet is not only one thing, which could safe us in difficult situations.

I don't imagine my life without Internet, but i agree with you that Internet has some disadvantages Kate Elizarova

To my mind, Internet already became irreplaceable part of our live Motya Zakharova

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