7 Paragraph About Yakutia

Welcome to the biggest region of Russia – Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The territory of Yakutia is more than 3 millions square meters. You can enjoy the liberty that gives the landscape of Siberia as well as discovering the history and traditions of the Yakutian people. It is a territory of extreme weather. There is very cold in winter and unexpectedly hot in summer. Though, a lot of people all over the world believe that the republic covered with snow the whole year, and sometimes it is very funny to hear from them that we ride with the help of the deers. They became very surprised when they know that our city is rather modern than some another cities of the central region of Russia. We must not forget that our republic is also known all over the world for the beautiful diamonds and permafrost. In a word, I think that man should see and feel our Yakutia himself and I am sure that after it he will love it as I do.

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