7 The Problem Of Deforestation Ira

Nature with its animals, fishes, plants, rainforests play an important role in our life and future. It is a particular system which should not be destroyed. Forests support the water cycle and help replace the oxygen in the atmosphere. Forests also are home to many kinds of plants and animals.Nowadays the problem of deforestation becomes more higher than ever, because we gradually loses our nature from small insect to big oceans.
There are a lot of surrounding things which have very harmful effect on every creature of nature. For example, poison gases, smoke from burning things of various contents, human waste. Moreover the climate depends on the condition of our nature. That is why there are a lot of floods, fires, different types of lightning, drought and so on. They say that we loss 137 plant of species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. And also an area the size of a football field is being destroyed every second. The rainforests stood for millions of years and we destroy them in a blink of eye without any sorrows.
In order to solve this problem we should make our laws strict. Our government does not pay attention to it, because they think only how to sell our nature more beneficial for themselves. They should promote the importance of rainforest as much as possible. The second is improve people’s moral treatment to nature. We should tell people about the deforestation and show it with its all cruel and suffering. And the main solution is that it actually depends only on us: our mind, our character and manner. With the support of ordinary citizens,government will get the attention of the people in power. We should be united because we live in one planet

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