8 The Problem Of Deforestation

Trees and plants are one of the best gifts that God has given to mankind. Perhaps to thoroughly understand a rainforest‘s beauty, one would have to see a rainforest with his very eyes. One would also believe that the many majestic trees and amazingly exotic animals that live there would probably be enough to keep any person form wanting to harm the forests in any way. Unfortunately, like all good things, the biggest rainforests are being destroyed everyday, which is a tremendous loss considering the importance of this particular forest. For instance, the Amazon rainforest contains many species and plants not found anywhere else, and considering one-third of all the species in the world live there, it has the greatest biodiversity on earth. Although the destruction of rainforests is a growing problem, much is being done to resolve the problem.
Deforestation could be slowly stopped if people would be more environmentally conscious. That means, to accelerate efforts in stopping deforestation, initiatives have to be started by you. For example, Instead of using firewood, use coals to heat up your fireplaces during the winter season.
Another solution is recycling programs. Paper is made from barks of trees that are in turn, mostly coming from forests. There are industries that are focused at recycling paper. Old and used paper would just be processed and turned into new paper products. If the practice becomes world-wide, and the number of trees that has to be cut down would be reduced.
Also ecotourism can help to solve the problem. This programs minimize the negative aspects of conventional tourism on the environment. Because Ecotourism relies on healthy ecosystems, it provides a powerful incentive to protect our rainforests.
Other way is reforestation. It is the opposite of deforestation. If deforestation can be considered wounding of nature, reforestation is the sought-after healing process. In reforestation, forests are replanted with trees. For each cut tree, a new one should be replanted. In years, the forests would be much alive again.
Nowadays there are a lot of organizations of environmentalists, for example, Greenpeace, that everyday save the Endangered Forests. But if you want to save our Mother Nature, start do it by you. Some time when you want to pick a beautiful flower, just think about a fact that an area of forest equal to 20 football or rugby fields is lost every minute. Deforestation can be prevented and you can be an active force in achieving that.

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