9 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad And Studyi

A lot of people think that studying abroad is better than to stay study in your own country. But some of them do not agree with it saying that it is very dangerous.
Studying abroad of course is better because you can broad your mind, find different friends, visit other countries. You can have big experiences which would be useful for your future. Also there is a good quotation ‘’Friendship does not know nationalities”. That is why you can meet different people with different minds and only talking to them can give you indispensable knowledge. Moreover studying abroad is a good perspective for your future. And nowadays it is the most important aim of every student and his parents. But there are a lot of good institutes and colleges in our country. And our country gives a good opportunities for people who wants to study, because it is not so high. You calmly can be here, close to your parents and friends and it would not give a big risks and fear.
But from the other hand it is not good at all to study abroad. For example there is a real problem of nationalism. And there are a lot of awful stories about skinheads. So your parents can earn odd heart’s attack. Moreover if you do not pass the adaptation or examination you would change your university so the one year of studying and money of your parents will be wasted. As for about studying in your own country, of course it is comfortable. But I cannot say that it is easy, because the demands are high. Also it needs your strong character to achieve your aim. If you are in desperate situation you can be alone. While in your own country there are your relatives, parents and friends. Also you cannot have a language barrier. That is why in order to find the common idea of conversation it would not so hard for you. When you study abroad, It can be that you would not take the grand so there are a lot of waste of money in order to find a flat, for daily expenses and many others. Consequently you should have a strong desire, skills and abilities to be ready and overcome all difficulties which you will meet.
Having said that I want to say if you really want to study in another country you should do it without any doubt, but as for me I prefer to study here. If I finish my university and be ready to take such important decisions I’ll do it, but now I think that I do not have such experiences.

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