9 Person I Know Well

I want to write about my best friend Lena.I have known her since my first day at kindergarten, when we were only three. She seems to be quite shy.
Now Lena is tall, thin girl. She has got a round face with almond-shaped eyes and small nose. She wears her long dark hair. She prefers comfortable clothes and often can be seen wearing a simple jeans and snickers.
She is also optimistic person, who always sees the positive side of even the most difficult situation. Moreover she always lends hand when I have some trouble. Lena is very intelligent and studies at Financial Economical Institute of South-Eastern Federal University. She is a third-year student. Also she has a sense of humour.
Her hobby is reading books. Most of all she prefers classic literature, such as Theodore Dreiser, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde, Mikhail Bulgakov, Fedor Dostoevskiy and so on. She also enjoys going to the clubs and spends a lot of time with friends.
Over ten years, I have shared many good times with Lena. I like her with her virtues and defect because nobody is perfect. I caught fortunate to meet her and I think our friendship is for ages..

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