9 Similarities And Differences Of Reading A Story In A Book

Today we have many ways to entertain ourselves. For example read the books and see the films. They give us new sensations and experiences. But what are their differences and similarities?
The reading and seeing films have similarities:

Books and films help us spend a good time.
They have identical plot.
They give us the whole World.
Books and films allow us to use our imagination.
Also they have some differences:

To see much easier than to read.
There are more action in films.
Films can deform book contents.
The film can be better or worse than the book.
The film is individual perception of the director, therefore it can differ from yours.

It is our choice to see or read the book. It depend only from ourselves. I prefer to hear adiobooks. I think that it is best compromise. When you hear your arms are free and you can do what you want. And of course the plot of the story no change. It is just reading a book by other person(artist). When you read (listen) the book or see the film, you enter into the world created by other person. So why not to create the own world?

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