A Paragraph About Yakutia Z Motya

If you would like to have extraordinary and fascinating holidays, you have to choose Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This land, called the land of Olongho, is situated in the heart of Siberia, in the north-western part of Russian Federation. One cannot remain indifferent to its nature, culture and people. Summers here are flourishing, hot and short in their charms. Winters are long and severe, but marvelous in their beauty. However, winters will not seem so cold because of warm treatment of Sakha people. All the foreigners notice the hospitality of our people. Among the things you must experience, there are national celebration of Ysyakh, sailing along the Lena river, visiting Lena Pillars, watching a play in the Sakha Theatre, and tasting national yakut dishes, such as ytehe, kyerchekh, kebyerdeekh leppeski, and so on. You will appreciate the days spent in Yakutia as a bright adventure and memories for the whole life.

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