A Person I Know Well

There are not many people I do know well, but my brother - he is the one whom I know since my childhood. I can not really say when we were first introduced to each other, it was more like we grew up together, although, he lives in another city.
He and his family used to visit us every summer, it was like a tradition. My brother older than me for an year and a half. He is very interesting person, he always have something to tell about and most of his stories are are funny and incredible, it seems like he made them up himself.
We both have the same interests, that is why we enjoy talking to each other - we always have what to say. Also, he always up ready to help in difficult situations.
He is a really talented man - he never attended drawing schools, but he's pictures are amazing. He could have become a real artist if he wished to. Also he used to go in for sports - he was attending some martial arts, but he gave it up, because of broken arm.
As we grew up, our interests, our life changed - he left his high education and was sent to the army - served there for one year. He says it is very boring there, they have nothing to do, no entertaining, so it is not "funny" at all.
As I said - everything changes, so now we do not have much time to spend together - I am studying and he works, has a girlfriend and plans to marry. Soon, they will become a family.
I really miss those times, when we were carefree, when we were always together, "glued at the hip"

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