A Person I Know Well Dorik Danilov

In this essay I would like to tell you about a person which I know well. It is my girlfriend.
My girlfriends name is Ayta. We are in relationship about two months. She studyies in Financial Economical Institute of South-Eastern Federal University. She is a second-year student. She is a model of student modelling agency "Campus". And now I would like to tell about our first meeting. Two month ago we didnt even know about existence of each other. It began when I was taking a part in contest which was called "Miss and Mister South-Eastern Federal University 2011". The contest took place in cultural center "Sergelyahsky Ogni" in 27 february. She saw me and thought "what a good guy". After contest she found me in the internet site "vkontakte" and gave invitation to be friend. I accepted her invitation. She congratulated me with the succesfull participation and I thanked her very much. After that she got known that I already hda a girlfriend and she stopped writing. Several times ago when I splitted up with ex-girlfriend I wrote her with words "Hello. What's up?" And after that we started knowing each other more closely. She is a very kind person who loves children and always try to help you if you are in need. She is smart. A tall girl with slim body and pale skin. She have a long dark hair. She looks like a real yakutian girl. After getting known each other more better we decided to meet. Our first date was in the cinema and skating rink. It was an exellent day with beautiful girl. In that day we started meeting.
I think I found my fate. First of all I found my related soul. To my mind this is a loud words but I am sure that she is my future. But a few time passed almost two months. It is too little and I afraid to make mistake. But I hope that it will not be. I love her very much and we are happy together. And now we are taken an exams soon. It will be hard for us but I known that we will do it, we pass our exams. I hope.

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