A Person I Know Well My Sister Z Motya

There is the only one person in the world that can be called as a person I know very well. Therefore I would like to tell you about my sister.
We were born and brought up together and it is understandable that we became the closest friends to each other. Since early childhood I have a person, who I can entirely trust and tell everything. We have similar approach to life, but our points of view differ in some topics. However, it does not prevent us from enjoying each other’s company.
She is a third year student of Moscow State University of Mines. Now she is living in Moscow and comes home only in summers. Therefore, we have to see her merely during less than two weeks. Through all these winters we are talking by phone and internet. In summers we like to spend our time with our friends and family. We go for a hiking, riding or play outdoor games. Sometimes we just stay home and watch movies or do some domestic work.
Moreover, my sister is a very interesting person to talk to. She likes to read books and interested in music. Her favourite writers are Fedor Dostoevsky, Vladimir Nabokov and Franz Kafka. What about music, she prefers American rock bands, such as the System of a down, Alice in chains, Nirvana, Metallica and Sonic youth. As for movies, my sister is fond of classical patterns of cinematography, such as “Life is Beautiful”, “the Eight and a Half”, “City Lights”, “New Cinema Paradise”, “Star wars” and so on. However, she likes to watch Japanese anime films and American television serials, as “How I Met Your Mother” and etcetera. I never feel bored when I am with her.
I can remember myself in some situations in my life, when I felt down, confused or scared of something. She always protected me and supported my point. Of course, we are arguing from time to time, but it never continues for a long time. We do not even notice when we make it up and talking as if nothing has happened.
My sister is the closest person in my life and now I am looking forward to her arrival at home.

Very interesting Motya:) I would like to see you and your sister when you will be together in some day. Dorik Danilov

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