A Person I Know Well Ta

Everyone on earth is not alone. There are parents, relatives and, of course, friends near you. Friends are people who always understand and help you.

So, I have such friends understanding me and helping in difficult situation. But know I would like to say some words about my good friend who changed my life and made it more colorful. Her name is Sasha, but I never call her Sasha, because she is Oles. It is her nickname, which has become real name. Not only I call her such that, everybody knows her as Oles and even someone does not guess that Oles’s real name is Sasha. And it is a little bit strange to image how I will call her in old age.

Well, Oles is my classmate. I know her for long time, say, more 10 years. We studied in dancing class and we found same interest what was the first step for being friend. Then I met her on high school where we became classmates. I remember Oles perfectly how she was in childhood. She really looked like a little boy wearing boots and having good abilities to talk with guys. And it is funny to remember it now. I cannot help smiling.

Now she is my best friend and only person who tells me truth and never lie if it is even so bitter to listen, but it is her the best quality. Oles is positive girl. Her smile and laughter are charming and attracts a lot of boys.

There is hardly brilliant dancer as Oles. I cannot image my friend without dancing, and how she sits, doing nothing. All time she is in movement, dances even there is no music. May be another could think she is a little bit crazy, but Oles are fond of dancing very much and I use to Oles is a dancer all time.

Oles is very bright person, although she is sometimes so lazy and half a day she spends in sleeping. Oles is like owl: in cheerfulness in night, in dream in rest of all time, but she has a big willpower which I think not everyone has such character.

So, Oles is smart enough and knows English very well, she is has good has sense of humor that’s why I never feel boring when I with her, I am sure she does not let me to feel bad, because Oles helps in difficult situation any time and in any conditions, she is so kind and brilliant friend and I say thank to god I have such wonderful friend.

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