A Simple Outline Of Yourself Anka Glushak

My name is Ann and I’m 21. I’m a person with a middle growth. I was born in Abiiskii ylus the center of which is Belaya Gora. I’m a student. There are a lot of friends of mine who tell that I’m an independent and jolly person. I fond of languages sport and music. I like to go at the rock festival which names “Tabyk”. I like to watch football games a lot. Especially when Spain team is playing. In music I’m a meloman. If I like song it’s doesn’t matter to me in which style does it sound.
I was born with music. My mother is a teacher in music school where I was studying for 5 years. In our family there are two of us my mother and me. She is very kind tolerant and wise woman. I am delighted with her. She is a sportsman. She has a great number of medals and documents. Our family is small and that’s why we always have a dog. We live at the small village which is far away from Yakutsk. You have to go three thousand kilometers on the flight and pay 19 thousand rubles to come. Our nature is different from central nature. We have a lot of mushrooms and berries. The village is on the bank of the Indigirka River. Every summer I am waiting the end of the term to go at home. I always work at the camps with children. I was studying in our gymnasium and they always invite me to work at the camp.
Of cause this is not the whole information about my self. But I think it is enough to describe myself.

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