About A Person I Know Well LL

Each man have the closest man , they know each other well. And i want to say you about my person whom i know well.
For me this person is my little brother. Differ in years is 4 years, he is studying at school at 9 gr. and we are very close brothers. I know him from his bornig , also he knows me well.
We ca share with each other with problems and happiness. When i was smaller i hide his problems from mother , also we often work together (cleanig snow etc) And we can understand eacg other without words. He is big for his years , smaller than me but is strong , his type of body is body of fighter or hardworker , bride shoulders strong hands. He like to fight with me , but all we know that i'm strobger but it is only for few years. He was the furst man in my family who knew that i'm smoking. There are a lot of examples of our brotherhood. Our motto sounds like "no one will help us,so me should do it for each other"

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