About Myself Dorik Danilov

My name is Dormidont Danilov. I want to introduce myself a little bit, and write some a simple outline about me.

Physical charecteristics:
Weight: 184 sm.
Height: 70 kg.
A tall man with a black hair and brown eyes.

My personality:
I am 21 years old.
I study in South-Eastern Federal University.
I learning English and German.
I lead positive style of life.
I am trying do not worry about something bad.
I love my family very much.

My habits:
Good habits: Laughting, listen someone carefully, hepl to someone, acting.
Bad habits: I am a smoker, and lazy.

My family:
My family isn't so big.
I have only my mother.
Also I have sister and nephew.

Places which I loved:
I love to be on the nature, walk around the Yakutsk, watch the movies in the cinema.

Things which I like and dislike:
I like movies, music, ice-cream, summer, walking, skating rink.
I dislike hats, cold, midges, onion, wait something so long.

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