About Myself Ta

My name is Tuyara. Tuyara is yakutian name which means starling bird expressing the calm, nice character. So I think that names suit me because I am calm person who never want to argue someone and who do not have an ardent temper. I really hate quarrels because I take everything so close to heart. But if it is necessary I can prove my rights. So also I am very kind person. I always try to help everyone who asks me about it. My friends call me very kind as I never refuse them. They can ask help even at night.

In free time I like to meet with friends. We spend a lot of time being together and going out. I prefer to go to small restaurants, sushi bars, often go to the City Life. If there is time also I visit cinemas. I am lover of good films and much time I sit in front of monitor of computer watching movies.

Also I like spend time with my family so much. My family live in Namsky region. On weekend sometimes I go home to meet my mother, grandparents. If everybody is at grandparents’ home we cook sweets, tasty food and enjoy. My family used to celebrate every holiday and it is wonderful time as everybody is at home.

So I liked to be with family, at home, another things what I like to do is travelling. I was twice and it impressed me so much, seeing unusual to my eyes. I was in China and it wonderful country and now I would like to visit Europe, hope in close future it will be real.

But know I think about my education. I am a student and almost in 2 years I will graduate. If most are not sure to become teacher as for me I would be good teacher of English language. But all it will depend on destiny I do not like planning and guess future I just live without big plans.

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