About Yakutia

If you are bored of banal sun, sea, sand and beaches, if you want to see a beautiful indeed genuine nature, you should visit Yakutia. First of all, it need to say that it is not for everybody. Not everybody can admire its severe beauty and perceive it. Yakutia is situated in the north so that it has a very original climate. The difference between temperature in winter and in summer is almost one hundred: the coldest point in winter is -71C and in summer there is sometimes almost +40C. There are a lot of beautiful places without influence of civilization. The most notable places are the mountains Kisilyakh, the pole of cold Oymyakon, river Amga with its crystal waters, majestic Lenskie Stolbu etc.
The greatest holiday of Yakutia is Usuakh. it is a new year of sakha people. they celebrate it in June. in this holiday people gather in one big place and celebrate it. they drink kumus, eat national foods and dance Osuokhai.
National cuisin is very original. It consist of milk products, meat and berries, it is reached by protein.
Yakutia is very rich place. It has various flora and fauna. Also it need to say, that Yakutia is a pantry of Russian Federation. it has the whole Mendeleev's table there.
It differs strongly from any other country, it is unique.

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