About Yakutia Dorik Danilov

Yakutia is one of the biggest repuplic in the world. The capital of our republic is Yakutsk. The population is near one million people. In Yakutia you can find many interesing places which different from others. First of all Yakutia is a federal subject of Russia. Population mainly consists of ethnic Yakutians and Russians.
The head of government in Yakutia is the president. The first president of Sakha Republic was Mikhail Yefimovich Nikolayev. As of 2010, the president is Yegor Borisov. The most important facilities of higher education include South-Eastern Federal University. In Yakutia you can see one of the longest river in the world. It is the Lena river which is approximately 4310 km. In spite of this Yakutia have many rivers: Vilyuy, olenyok, Kolyma, Aldan, Amga, Indigirka, Alazeya, Olyokhma, Markha, Tyung, Maya, Anabar, Yana.
In conclusion I would like to say that Yakutia is the most biggest republic in our world but most of them Yakutia famed with permafrost.

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