About Yakutia Ta

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is situated on northern- east of Eurasia and is part of Russian Federation. As Yakutia is closer to the north the climate is very unique. In winter we have very cold weather and in summery it is very hot. Abrupt changing in weather is our exception. We are known as not only with weather also we are famous for extracting diamonds. Our diamonds are popular over the world and they are special and unique. As every country we have our own culture which is so magnificent and colorful. Yakutian main holiday is Ysiakh( ысыах) spending in summer and it is like New Year. In that time everybody meet together and celebrate. Also in culture includes our traditional cuisine which differs from others. Such cuisine everyone can try in restaurants with traditional food. For tourists we can also present our unique places, sights: Lena’s pillars, Kihilekh (Кисилэх) in northern part of republic with mystery and so on. The yakutian nature is various. There are plains, hills, the main river Lena and others, animals. All those are unique in Yakutia and different very much from another country

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