Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studing Abroad And In Your O

What can be better to go studying abroad especially if you are studying language? So let’s take the students who learn foreign languages.
The main advantage is that you are in the speaking sphere. You can practice your language every time. You will see new interesting places and people in that country. You will know more about their habits and culture. You will find new friends who can help you with your pronunciation and spelling. The new life abroad will make you quite different. Disadvantage of going abroad is that you will be so far away from your parents and friends. You will feel yourself along in the foreign country. May be you will not like habits and manners of people whose language you are learning. If you go abroad you must know everything about their kitchen. It can be also a big problem. But of cause you may be find a restaurant where cook your favorite dishes and also fast food is every where. Climate is only very important for each person. Don’t think that it’s not about you. Human is so helpless. You need to consult with people from your country who was there.
In any way for me there are only advantages to studying abroad. It must be funny. Do you think so?

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