All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance

As everybody knows that “give peace a chance” is the song of John Lennon. In due time this song made me think about all things which occur in the world. On the one hand about injustice, inequality, terrorism, sexism, sexual minority, racism, poverty of Third World countries, bloody wars, weapon of mass destruction, ecological problems, animal testing and something like that. On the other hand, about peace, love, music, art, friendship, human compassion, justice, happiness, self-renunciation, total dedication, tolerance and humanity. John enclosed in one phrase huge sense and showed all actual problems of his generation. I wonder what deep sense the word can possess… And what does music mean in your life?

I’d like to tell about music which will save the world. As for me music is an integral part of my life. I devote it a huge part of my life, all my free time, all my thoughts. When I play bass-guitar I feel happiness and relax. I can be myself and don’t think about foolish conventions which society always tries to impose. Music allows me to create my own world painted in pink tone without aggression and helps me overcome difficulties. When I play I forget about time, weariness and problems, about everything.

A lot of musician in my town like to divide music on selling and true one. They always condemn bands which support money because consider that they were on sale. Almost all rock-bands in my small town are in underground scene (except mine) and they don’t want to earn money for performances. They consider it humiliating! I don’t agree with such a strange opinion. We don’t sell our music; we just like to give to people pleasure. Pleasure in the opinion of our listeners is the best award for us. To my mind music cannot be selling wherefore it goes with all the heart.
One more problem which traps in music sphere is sexism. The majority of members of my group are girls and people do not perceive us seriously. There was a stereotype that girls are not able to play rock music better than guys can. They always strike at our rights. It’s awful! So, we constantly listen to sneers from outside the stronger sex, but we do not lower our hands and we do not stop on the reached.

So, I can speak about it infinitely, but not now…

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