An Ideal Job

How I imagine an ideal job? If you have a well paid job, you can consider that you have a good job, but an ideal job has a lot of good things.

In my opinion, an ideal job is when you sit in your own office and make your own rules. To have a good secretary and he would make your work more comfortable. Of course, nowadays techniques operates all, and it is important to have high technologies at work. And it would make your job much comfortable and easier.

Nowadays it is normal to work eight hours in a day, but some people try to work longer to increase a salary. It has a bad influence on their health. For ideal it is necessary to have a free schedule but it just a dream about an ideal job.

There no such ideal job in the real world. If person wants to have an ideal job, he must choose his future profession in early years. That’s why we choose our future profession in schools. Then we go to universities or institutes to get this profession. After graduating we start our career. At the beginning we must work hard to get promotion.

There are two ways to have an ideal job: The first it’s when you work and try to get promotion. The second it’s just work which you like and which completely satisfies you.

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