Anastasia Matannanova

What makes me special.

I think all people have something what makes them special, so do I. To my mind I’ve got a lot achievment in my life. The brightest memory of mine is that when I was 16 I loved to play computer game “Counter Strike” and I heard that there is only one female team in Yakutsk and I dreamed to play in that team. So I was playing and playing day by day till my dream became reality. It was a team consisted of 5 girls and we loved this game so much. We were the best female team of our republic and the second team of Russian Federation. Twice a year we played on the biggest championship of Russia in Moscow and once we visited Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, France.
After visiting France I decided that I want to study foreign languages, so I entered the Faculty of Foreign Languages, without help of anyone. When I was only 18 years old I became pregnant. I always knew that I will never do abortion. I had a boyfriend and we were dating for a long time, but I was not sure on him, but I was absolutely sure on myself and I desided that I’m ready to become a mother. Now after 3 years my son is already visiting kindergarten and my husband and I always have mutual understanding between us. I think I’m purposeful and reliable person and that makes me special.

Hi Anastasia! It was very interesting to hear your story. Were you really one of the best female Counter Strike players in Russia? That's pretty good! I'm quite fond of computer games myself you see, though I have never really played Counter Strike. Well, hope you and your family is doing well!

What is my opinion about fast food?

Differences and similarities of two different authors: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Nick Perumov.
Having thought for a long time I decided to compare two famous fantasists: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Nick Perumov. I’ve chosen Tolkien because he is the only writer which book I read from cover to cover with pleasure and I am absolutely sure that he is the greatest fantasist of all over the world. And what about Nick Perumov, after reading a lot of information I came to think that he is the most famous fantasist of Russia. So I decided to compare two writers from two different countries.
John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born in the 3rd of January in 1892 in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State to Arthur Reuel Tolkien, an English bank manager, and his wife Mabel. He was an English writer, philologist, linguist and was well-known as a “Hobbit’s” and “Lord of the ring’s” author. And Nickolay Perumov was born in 21st of November in 1963 in Leningrad and he is still alive. He began to write in the late seventies. At the same time has taken a great interest in a fantasy, in particular John Tolkien's books which read in the original and did his own translation, also he was the participant of Tolkien’s movements. So, the differences is that they were born in different centuries and countries. But there is one important similarity between them – it is that they both are fantasists. But John Ronald Reuel Tolkien became famous because of his trilogy “The lord of the ring” - the book which in the mid-seventies has entered into number of the most readable and published books in the world. The epopee narrating about mid earth, has been printed in 1954-1955 in England and after a while has generated a real Tolkien’s cult which has begun in America in 60th years. While Nick Perumov received wide popularity after his first publication in 1993 of an epopee «The ring of darkness», which action occurs in Tolkien’s mid earth. Perumov – Tolkien’s great fan and that made him famous.
Fantasy — the kind of the fantastic literature based on use of mythological and fantastic motives. In a modern kind it was generated in the XX-th century beginning. To sum up I would like to add that I find fantasy very interesting genre and I think that it is not easy to think out all these interesting stories, worlds, adventures, which we opened to us after reading works of such great writers as Tolkien and Perumov.

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