Animal Rights Essay (3 Papers Example)

Essay on Animal bill of rights for or against

Animals deserve to have rights which protect them from being harmed or abused. However here in the united states some animals are used for food or experimented for a new product like medicine. A animal bill of rights is needed because we have a huge problem nowadays were animals are misused and mistreated.When we think of the bill we tend to think of animals that are pets like a cat or a dog.However we never think about the thousands of animals out there that are being used in a unmeaningful way. Although I am not a vegan I still approve of this bill.
You might ask what exactly is this animal bill of rights? The animal bill of rights protects some animals from exploitation,cruelty,neglect,and abuse. However this bill does not apply to cold blooded animals, farm animals,and horses not used in research. It also does not apply to birds,rats,and mice these animals usually end up being tested in labs so people feel like its not that big of a deal to have them protected. According to about 90% of the animals used for research are birds, rats, and mice. This bill really doesn’t protect all animals like you would think. On the other hand it does help animals when this bill is enforced.
Some people believe that animals don’t deserve rights because they have no duties. Well that’s a good point but they are living just like me and you. Today in the united states according to have over 37 million people who are classified a s disabiled. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against disabiled people but if you wanna say that animals don’t have duties so they should have no rights. Then what about the millions of americans who cant work and have to get paid by the social security disability they have no duties as well and some of them cant move for the rest of there lives. Yet nobody takes there rights away so how come when it comes to animals we act like there just a piece of property with the same value as a chair?Yes we have laws that protect animals but there not that strict and they don’t protect a cow who is being killed in a painful way.
The animal bill of rights does not prohibit you from eating meat so, why are you so against it?It like our bill of rights being stripped away and we have to relly on laws and people wouldn’t be happy if this happened.The animal bill of rights is just here to try and help the thousands of animals who are misused and mistreated and the animals that are always forgoten of and viewed in the human view as not important as other animals.These laws that are placed for animals don’t protect the mice or the bird that is in a lab somewhere being mishandled and abused.At first I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because I didn’t have enough knowledge on the way animals are treated but when I read a animal bill of rights article that I found online it made me change my view on animals.It made me think more and let me understand that animals are being abused more and more nowadays and we as the people don’t acknowledge it as much as we should.I used to think that we had strict laws that protected animals but after reading this article I found out that the laws are either not strict enough and when you break one of these laws you either get finned or serve a couple days in jail.This article also showed that lab animlas being tested on were used in a extremely unreasonable amount.So now those animals that were killed in a lab are now going to waste and now a cat somewhere has no food to eat.
Yes I am a meat eater however it doesn’t make careless about animals.According to it is possible to be a meat eater and still hold these values.The problem is not me being a meat eater but the problem is how companies slaughter these animals. They either do it where the animal feels a lot of pain or they slaughter them in front of other animals. What about the animals who are being skinned while they are alive just to be someones new purse or jacket. We forget about them when we buy a purse made out of crocodile skin because were to busy enjoying this purse that we forget that a life was took just to fulfill our wants. We also should not have hunting as a sport unless you are using the animal for food resources and kill animal with a clean shot. If you are not going to eat the animal then why hunt it just to take a couple pictures and post them to facebook. If this is what you like to do then maybe you should fish because right when you are done with taking a picture with the fish you just release it back into the water. Shooting animals for fun is unnecessary and shouldn’t be allowed here in the U.S.
Animals need this bill to protect them and keep them alive for a longer period of time. Yes I understand that animals eat other animals for there food and that’s alright its how the animal was created it cant become a vegan. When we test on animals in labs we should use a reasonable amount and treat the animal in a non abusive way. This is the least we can do for these animals and the laws help but they don’t help a animal that’s being turned into a purse somewhere. We can control how animals are dealt with and how there viewed in this world today but the change starts with you.

Animals paper: What Are Their Rights?

On average 175 million people visit zoos and aquariums each year and day by day the 6,126 animals are held captive, abused and are forced to breed, such as, sea turtles, dolphins, zebras and monkeys. The people continue to visit and don’t realize the real problem of zoos and aquariums. It should be fixed right? Yes. All zoos and aquariums should be abolished. 

The first problem with zoos and aquariums is that animals are stressed and become agitated which causes aggressive behavior. Some people think this is the animal’s fault, but that’s wrong. Recently zoos have caused lots of controversy, for example the attack with Harambe indicates an aggressive animal, which ultimately put the animal to death. It isn’t the animal’s fault. According to, Mark Bekoff, "These animals are bored. They're smart, they're agile, they're emotional and they're working 24/7 to get out of their prison because that's what they're in: a prison cell." The zoos put animals that should have miles and miles to roam in an enclosed area that make animals have anxiety and stress causing their aggression. Many other stories have been shared about cruelty to circus animals as well as mistreatment of whales. Their owners could be working with them for years upon years, but these animals can't control their anger and could lash out. Timothy Treadwell claims that, it’s the animal’s territory and they are just trying to protect it. Many videos have shown evidence of dolphins laying at the bottom of the tank because of stress and anxiety from not having anywhere to go. The animals don't control their aggression, the zoo and aquarium owners do.

Some people think zoos and aquariums are saving endangered species, but they're really just leaving more animals captive. The zoos tell everyone they are keeping animals that are endangered alive but they aren't. In a recent study by Plos One, it shows that out of the 4,000 animals kept in captivity only 691 are considered endangered. That’s 18%. Not only are most of the animals not endangered, but non-natural breeding is what is supposedly keeping the “endangered” animals alive. Along with this the non-naturally bred animals have less rates of survival, but are used to bring in more visitors. Once again animals being used for entertainment. However, people probably think if the animals are in a zoo they are safer, but studies have shown they aren’t living longer than if they were to be living in the wild. So are zoos and aquariums really keeping animals alive? Nope. 

However, it is often argued that zoos and aquariums help save animals that can't survive alone. Along with that, many zoos are making a change, sanctuaries. The people continue to ruin the environment, from gas to littering, and these animals can’t survive like this. The zoos and aquariums can help them survive, by providing these animals with food, water and a safe environment. According to, Zoos Victoria, animals that have been behavior monitored have shown, signs of the animals living life full and happy like they would in the wild. According to, Delaware Action for Animals, over 100 million animals are killed by hunters each year. If more animals were to go to zoos this number could severely go down. Along with this, many zoos are making tough changes to make or send their animalsto sanctuaries. Financially this is bad for zoos and their business, but provides animals with the care they need to survive. According to, The Wild Animal Sanctuary, more than 1,000 animals have been rescued from zoos. These sanctuaries are truly teaching visitors how animals will behave in their natural habitat and keeping animals healthy and happy. So, yes, animals have better chances to survive if they go to zoos, aquariums and sanctuaries, but only a small percent of animals are actually there.  

The biggest topic that comes up with zoos and aquariums is how the animals are being treated. Most animals in zoos and aquariums are abused and don’t get the things they need to survive. Liz Tyson recently did an investigation on many zoos and found horrifying incidents, including, an owner that cut a growth off an animal with a penknife and no anesthesia. The owner could have easily taken the animal to the vet to get the proper treatment, claimed Tyson. Along with not the proper treatment, the animals are not fed with the right nutrients. This can cause early death and cause pregnant animals to have unhealthy babies and even premature death. Tyson found animals that were being fed stale bread and cake, which are obviously not the right nutrients for a wild animal. In addition, these animals have many more problems, one of the major ones being, not enough living space. Tyson found big cats stuck in a small enclosure for 18 hours a day and in the Toledo zoo a bear was locked up during hibernation and starved to death. Sounds like a prison, doesn't it? 

So the people continue to visit the zoos and aquariums because they enjoy the animals, but don't know that the animals are being locked up like living in a prison. These animals are stressed and agitated, this is not what the animals want. Zoo and aquarium owners only think about the business and what the people are financially bringing to them. Think about it, what do these animals really want? The wild.

Essay on "Is Animal Experimentation Right?"

Have you ever wondered what scientists are using for their experiments when they are trying to cure cancer? The answer is animals. In fact, more than 100 million animals like guinea pigs, frogs, rats, monkeys and dogs are used each year so that scientist can perform all sorts of experiments and tests. Animal testing should be illegal because beauty products, even bath products are tested on the animals and can even get in their eyes causing them to lose hair or even their lives because of these products that are used by humans not by animals who are risking their lives just for these products. 
In addition the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) doesn’t support ninety five percent of animals who are being tested on every second, especially since birds, mice, and rats have been taken off of the Animal Welfare Act making those animals a easy target for testing. While Japan is the cruelest country towards animals they believe that animals are non-living and have no rights, imagine being a cat or a dog and sitting on a cold metal table with tubes, needles being in or on you, these animals aren't even put to sleep or numbed. “If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal who hasn't done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit's eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson's eyes and ask him if it hurts.” ― Ellen DeGeneres.  

Fact: Europe, the world’s largest cosmetic market, Israel and India have already banned animal testing for cosmetics, and the sale or import of newly animal-tested beauty products. I think that we can do something to stop this, if the world's largest cosmetic market could ban animal testing then we can. Think of the medicines you use and how they came to be, probably a innocent animal was ejected with that pill or liquid. It is ridiculous how people can't stop and think "Do animal rights matter?" of course they do other people may disagree because they get paid for animal experimentation and they don’t care as long as they get paid. The national institutes of health (NHL) spends between 12 billion and nearly 14.5 billion on animal testing every year, that money could have been spent on actually helping animals.  

Its simple to stop animal testing and ban it but people disagree by saying animals are very similar to humans and may react the same way as us to any other type of sickness or drug. Many scientists tested on animals and they reacted fine and when it became available in the market humans reacted differently, you cant expect it to do the same as the first time. So I encourage you to donate to any time of charity to stop animal testing, and think what if that was me? What if I was that dog? What kind of products am I using that animals have suffered through?

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