Aysen Anisimov

what makes me special.

1.Hi, my name is Aysen and I wish to tell you about myself and what makes me special.
I am a student of The Institute of foreign philology and country studies and I learn English. I am very sociable and active person. When it comes to something serious, I can be very responsible and hardworking. I take my studies seriously, but sometimes I feel sick and tired of studies. In those situations my friends and my girlfriend help me to overcome every hard minute. I have a huge amount of friends, they are very good people, I love them all indeed. Also I like football, so we and my friends often gather together and challenge with each other at a stadium.
Each of my personal qualities makes me a bit more special, so, that is all me.

Marina Ionarievna Aysen, you gave a bright picture of your personality, very good. I wish you always took your studies very seriously. I am looking forward to your "for and against" essay.

2.A person I know well.

I’m going to write about person that I know well. It is my grandmother. Her name was Maria Dmitrievna. She always was very kind. She was very respectful person in her village and even in region. She was merry, communicative, smart person. She was a teacher, and so, she loved children very much. She had good authority in village. I’m very proud to her. If she was angry or sad, it was for a short time. She has a very strong will.
She was small old woman; it’s the description which always will be in my mind. In spite of these reason, in her youth she was a strong woman. She was brought up by her relatives.
By the way, she was a good cooker. She had always made for me very delicious food. I’ve chose her, because she was for me my second mother. I will never forget her.

3.Advantages And Disadvantages Of Studying Abroad And Studying
Education – is one of the most important words in lives of many people. IF you have good education all doors are unlocked to you. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular to study abroad. My own opinion about it is – that is very good. Person, who studies, maybe better than others, or just looks for something new, must try such a thing. Because, it would be a great experience on future life. Just imagine, you will tell people that you were in Sweden, or in Norway or somewhere else. It is better for your language. Also, one of the pluses of studying abroad is independent life. You will live in the other country, with strangers. It is a wide experience. You will study in prestigious European universities.
One of the mains minuses of studying abroad is that you are far away from your motherland, from your friends, relatives, etc. You will miss them. And maybe, you will not like the studying abroad, you will have some language barrier, or something else.

I think it is very good policy of university, to connecting with universities abroad. It makes our life more interesting to study.

4.For and against fast food:
Fast food is the most comfortable invention of humanity. If you live in the mega city, you use such thing often. It’s comfortable for life in large city, because people who live there hurrying t often to their works and they must eat quickly to get to work in time. And people who come from small town or villages are not used to eat fast food and they eat just for their enjoyment. Fast food is also good trend for a lot of companies. They use fast food like excellent business.
I think that positive aspects are less than negative. Actually for Americans because they use fast food much more than people from other country for example Russia. There are not so many departments of fast food. Just in large cities. There is fast food in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and others.
Fast food ruins human organism because of the bad things in fast food. Fast food can ‘’live’’ for a long time and being good for eating. American becomes fatter and fatter every day and soon they can do their common health of nation worse because much of them eat such thing much during their life.

5. Mobile phone, computers, laptops, TV – there just a several of new technologies. Now, we can’t imagine our life without these things. There is everywhere, in different spheres of lifestyle. You can find them anywhere. Outside, inside, whatever…
So, why there are so important? Why humanity couldn’t live without them? If ancient people lived without new technologies, why we couldn’t?
I think that because of humanity need to progressing. During all our lives we want to be faster, higher, and stronger. Therefore in relation to new technologies, we too grow.
We have already got used to new technologies so that we can not imagine life without at all, for example, a cellular telephone or the computer. And it is good. Because, such technologies are very useful in our everyday life. Something is necessary, just taking phone, calling. And that’s all. Tomorrow, due to computer you can make some presentation or something else.
So, i think that, new technologies are important. For example: I can connect with someone in USA through the WWW, or computer.

6. My favorite place
I would like to tell you about my favorite place. I think that my favorite and the most important place for me is Yakutia. I can call myself a patriot of native land. I hope that Yakutia will be one of the best part of Russia. I know that it has a lot of perspectives. I believe, that when I will have the children they will live in the best country. Economic of our country is growing every day. Of course Yakutia is my motherland because I send here my the best years of my life. I had lived in Pobeda village before Yakutsk. It’s situated in Tatinskiy region. I lived with my grandparents until seven-years-old. I remember how my granny went to building near our house and brought me warm milk. I remember well how I swam in the lake not far from our village. My granny said me often that I am unpredictable, because I did what I wanted. Then I began to live in Yakutsk. I like this place because I started to play in football here. I went to school here. I met my the best friends here. I began to play drums here. Also I met here my first love. Yakutsk is the coldest city in the World. There is the greatest amplitude of the temperature here. The winters are the coldest then wherever but the summers are hot and warm. That’s good for Yakutia that climate is temperate and mild and for example the wind of middle Russia is worse to feel then here. Of course one of the most important aspects is the nature of Yakutia. The nature in this location is rich of green trees and variety kinds of plants. There are a lot of places in the World which I could call the best place for living. I think that a person wherever he lived he would love just place where he was born. I know that If I have left my native land whatever It would remain my favorite place.

7.Out line
1) My personality
my name
my appearance
my character
my habits

2) My family

3) My education
School mates
University, high education

4) My future

8.Problem of deforestation.

Nowadays, the problem of deforestation becomes more and more serious problem. This problem hurts our environment and ruins our ecology. As all knows, forests are creating oxygen. We can’t live without this element. Forests make our nature cleaner and fresher. But, as you know, today, money is everything, and people will make also everything, to earn, to get this money. Most harming forests are tropical forests in Africa and in South America.
There are few ways to save our nature. For example, humanity must create some new chemical element, which would make same energy as from forests. We must stop this problem, before it will be a tremendous problem.
What about Russia, I think it’s not so important problem for our country, because we have huge supports of forest. But I think that the best way for other countries to solve the problem is recycling. Humanity must recycle all his wastes, instead of throwing it away. Basically, this «away» is nature. All wastes are going into rivers, lakes, forests, etc. So, it means that, if we will recycle our products, we will help, first of all, for ourselves, and nature. We must protect our land, so let’s do it.

9.The Most Popular Career Choices For Young People In the Next Five Years

For the student, the question of a choice of a place of work always was ticklish and actual. It is actual and now. This decision isn't accepted simply so, it is necessary to weigh all for and against. Not all graduates manage to go to work after the study termination. Therefore the majority, as a rule, go not on a speciality.

What about our city and vacancies here?
As all of us know, more recently our Yakut State University has turned in North-Eastern Federal University. It’s absolutely other level, other, new purposes, and new possibilities.
The policy of university is that, that it does an emphasis on creation of new shots. It is very good for students. Because, in our interests to make so that our university became one of the best. I think during not only the nearest five, but also more years, and interesting work in the structure of university will be considered as the most favourable.

Yakutia is an amazing land with inimitable culture, severe climate and wonderful place to have rest and travel. Mysterious and rigorous Yakutia is situated in the north of Eastern Siberia in Russia. One can hardly name a country with such variety of climate zones and kinds of forests. It is land well-known as a land overcoming giant expanses of the tundra and taiga, impassable mountain ranges, boggy lands dotted with dozens of lakes.
Here, in Yakutia a lot of people of different nationalities live, these are Yakuts, Russians, Ukranians, and indigenous population which is mostly represented by Evenks, Evens, Chukchee and Yukaghirs. Yakuts are people who really love their country, traditions, and culture. At the beginning of the summer all people come together for several days saluting new season – national fest called Ysyakh, a real festival of music, dance, poetry and sports.
The Yakut national dishes are mostly prepared from milk, meat and fish. They are highly appreciated not only for their taste, but nourishing qualities as well. To my mind, Yakut national kitchen is the tastiest and totally inimitable all over the world.
Also Yakutia is one of the most highly-developed regions of Russian Federation. At present, concentrates of tin, gold, platinum, silver, rare metals, diamonds, coal are exported from the republic to other regions of Russia and abroad. Yakutia is also one of the leading suppliers of furs all over the world.

11. What is better: to read a book or to look adaptation on the screen?
What are the differences and similarities between these two opinions?
Some people say that reading is boring, and it is better to watch a film. But all understand that in a film you would not see some, maybe important, events or characters, and films are becoming crude after an appearance.
So similarity between these two aspects is that both these processes tell one story. For example, “Harry Potter”. Very interesting book, not less interesting film.
And difference is that the book is perceived better because you in details read all book, you do not pass any details, and in general, all is clear.
The main word of this topic is imagination. When you reading book, you have a possibility to imagine, to create your own vision of film. You can imagine yourself as a main hero of novel, you can ride on a unicorn and fly on a dragon.
What about me, I don’t care which way to use. I can go to cinema, and watch the film, I can lie at home and read a book. It is your own choice. If you like watching, please go watching.

12. I’d like to discus topic about animal testing. Everyone has chance to live, everyone has alike laws. Animals which taken to test for checking different disease don’t direct their life like dolls or trees. People practiced such thing since ancient time when people began to make operations.
But there is another opinion this question. People are the strongest animal in the World. Animals became our helpmates because they save us from danger disease. Of course if animals can speak they would against to be a test for such things. There are a lot of monuments in different countries, for example there is a monument for the rat in Novosibirsk. Novosibirsk is the brain of Russia. All scientists and science factories were brought by soviet government to this city that’s why this city uses the animals for testing a lot in the science purposes.
In my opinion animal testing is necessary for people’s health and people will do every what they can do for protection their life.

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