Aysen Golikov

What makes me special

Well. Hello there my name is Aysen. I’m going to tell you about myself and what makes me special.
Firstable I can’t say that I’m a extra ordinary person. I’m an ordinary student which, many in this world. My full mame is Golikov Aysen Aristalovich. I was born February 22, 1990 in Yakutsk, my blood group number 4 (maybe this fact makes me little bit special). Nowadays I’m student of the Institute of foreign philology and country studies. Why I choose this one? Well there is little story that why I studying there. After school I decided to study in China. It was my dream to study in the foreign country. My parents told me to find a fallback educational institution, with China if something will go wrong. So I went to enter the Faculty of History, because I really like the history, but when I went there the selection committee told me that I can not enter there because I haven’t the exam what they wan’t. Then I was very angry and almost decided to forget about second education, but when I walked past the selection committee of the Faculty of Foreign Languages I decided to hand over documents there. It was about almost 5 p.m. and the students filled the papers for me. After that I went to China and studied there for some time and get the one that my parents were right. So now I studying in the Institute of foreign philology and country studies.
What can I say about myself more? I’m a very sociable active person. Some say that I am sometimes too active and I should calm down. Like everyone else I have both good and bad qualities. I believe everyone has a qualities that them special. Everyone in this world are special.

For and against using cars

Nowadays we can’t imagine our modern life without new technologies. Since ancient times, people come up with new ways to make our lives easier. Most inventions designed to make human life more comfortable. Who today wants to climb the stairs when there is an elevator? Who wants to write a long letter then send it when you can just call? Of course you do not want to buy expensive tickets to a concert to listen to good music, you just turn on the player. So without vehicle we can’t live too.
There is no way to imagine the life without car. Car makes your life much easier. You can reach the destination much faster, more comfortable, in some way safer and in nowadays to have car it’s just cool. In my opinion, most young people want to have cars. For a young person to have a car it means to be in some degree successful, stylish, in some way adds stateliness and in front of others, he seems much more mature.
But in other hand cars have negative sides. For me car takes a lot of money for gas. If you’re a student you should always think where you can get the money for gas, you need to find a safe place to park at night. This is not a small problems for a student. You can also say that the machines are harmful to the environment, can be the cause of ozone holes. Also car is dangerous for people. Every day in the world thousands people dies and the reason is car.
So in conclusion I want to say that the car is very useful and also very dangerous for people and for environment. We have to be careful about things that seem ordinary to us.

A person I know well

I can't say that I have a lot of people who I know well. But there several ones. Like my cousin. I know him since I started to understand that I'm a man. I can say we've growed up together. I know him better than anyone. I about his habits, preferences, all his good and bad sides. Everybody says that both of us always in our wave. We can understand each other perfectly. But I can not say that we have always been peaceful. Of course we have a quarrel, but it was not long, the maximum we were in the litter a couple of hours. And also I can't say that we have the same interests. For example he likes studying geography, I prefer languages. He interested in ancient times history, I like middle age history. I very like football, he hates almost all kinds of sports. But we're a best friends. He is a person who I can absolutely trust, he'll always be ready to help me.
Nowadays he's studying in another city. But this does not prevent us to communicate and stay best friends.

My favorite place

My favorite place and which is very important to me is my relatives countryside house. It's situated in Tattinskiy ulus the place whose name is Ityk-Kyel.
It's born place of my parents and most of my relatives are from there. This village is a capital of the Tattinskiy ulus. Most of my childhood summers where spent there. It's very beautiful place. This village is not so big and is not so small. There are very beautiful nature with it's little lakes and sweel creeks, you can even say this is a very productive land. Every summer I am going there to mow, because our family have a several heads of cattle and every year we should feed them. I can't say that it's a easy work but who don't wan't to eat meat and milk products in long, cold winters?
So it's a place of my childhood. When I'm there I get a soulful holiday.There you can say I'm rehabilitated and coming back with renewed vigor.


Sakha Republic is a federal subject of Russia. It's population mainly consists of ethnic Yakuts and Russian. Yakutia is the biggest republic in the world, but it's population is less than a million inhabitants. The capital of Sakha Republic is Yakutsk.
Nature and resources of Yakutia are unique as well. Its larger part is occupied by mountains and plateaus. Only one-third of it is lowland. Mount Pobeda on the Chersky ridge is the highest peak of northern Asia (3147 km). Also, Yakutia is famous for it's diamonds.
The climate of Yakutia is sharply continental: the amplitude of temperature fluctuations is 100°C (from 40°C in summer, to –60°C in winter). The average air temperature in January is –43.2°C, in July - 18.7°C. The Pole of Cold is situated in the Oimyakon region, where was fixed a temperature –71.2°C.
In conclusion, I want to say that Yakutia is very interesting place to know about

Smoking must be banned in public places

To my mind, smoking in public places, especially in restaurants and cafes must be banned. Restaurants are for eating, not smoking. People who do not smoke suffer from fume and smell. Smoke stick to your clothes, hair and they stink. Smokers must keep their bad habits in public places or make it less. Because, they say that people who do not smoke can be second hand smokers and their lung is exposed to smoke. The scientists are sure that passive smoking is harmful for our health at the same value. Smoking is affected to our health.
In the other hand, we live in democratic world and everyone has the right to do want he wants and this is a freedom. In fact, everyone must respect other people’s feelings and we have to cooperate with each other.Some people offer to increase a price on a cigarette till one hundred rubles. For example, they say that in New York the price of cigarette is high and the fine is nearly five thousand. It is the right solution to make our air more clear.
So to my mind in restaurants and other places like this the smoking must be banned.

The problem of deforestation

In order for living creatures to survive, a stable environment must exist.
Although the environment is crucial for mans survival, man has been destroying it
since the beginning of time. Man has been destroying trees for the use of wood for
centuries. Today with an increasing population the amount of wood available is
seriously on a decline. People have been taking wood to cultivate, burn, and for the
use of raw materials for industry. The estimated amount of deforestation
taking place is twenty million hectares per year. Climate change and global
warming are just a few of the problems associated with the degradation of our forests.
Scientists themselves are beginning to understand the serious issues of deforestation.
Deforestation occurs all over the world by all types of people. Peasant farmers
even add to the problem because in most tropical countries the farmers are very poor and they have only natural resource for living.
Deforestation is evil, but it's necessary evil. Without it our society would be completely different. We must come up with something that would be the problem has become less important.

Education abroad

Education abroad is always prestigious, especially if you go studying in respectable, well-known university like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or another. If you had an education in such a famous university, you will find a job easily. If you finish your education abroad, you can find a job and stay there to live. As everybody knows, life in such countries as United States or Great Britain is much better. The average salary there is higher than in Russia. If you stay there and find a really good job, so you may think that your future will be bright and your family will be prosperous.
On the other hand, there several disadvantages of getting degree abroad. The main bad point is that students have to live there without parents, relatives and old friends. Therefore man can feel loneliness and nostalgia. The next point is that tuition fee is usually more expensive than it at home. Moreover, young people have to find accommodation to live in and will have to pay for it during their education.
So it's a personal choice for every person. You cannot make a mistake or you regret whole your life.

Outline of my life

1. My personality:

1. my character
2. my appearance
3. my hobbies

2. My family:

1. members of my family
2. our relationship

3. My studies:

1. school
2. university
3. dormitory

4. My plans for the future:

1. second education
2. career
3. travelling abroad
4. my own family

Similarities and differences of reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film.

To read good story is amazing. You penetrate into a book imaging actions, characters and you make own vision of it and even do not feel time, you are full in a book and do not exist in reality. You forget absolutely everything and just in world which read. You eat word by word and create unreal situation in your mind.
Besides reading, people are fond of seeing films. Some says it's better than reading a book. Ofcourse when you watch a film you see it with your own eyes. No need for imagination an action, it's all happens in a screen.
Nowadays it is usual when directors make films of famous writers’ story, novels. Your read novels are shown as a film and it is good chance to compare and to check imagination of yours. If there is something that you have thought in mind and has been depicted in a film.
Books make people discuss, think and explore something new, and films, too. They extend our knowledge about some more things, facts and persons. Good ones also can change our minds, our attitude to things around us. Even the worst examples of books and films display the culture of human beings and the life itself.
It goes without saying, that reading a book takes much more time than watching a film. Nevertheless, films often are cut down, as it is impossible to contain all the sheets of a novel in two hours of a reel.
But I can't say what is better watching a film or reding a book. Maybe it's depends on people. Some people think that reading is better others say the opposite. What for me I like these things both.

The importance of technology

Before understanding the importance of science and technology, it is important for us to understand that science and technology are closely associated with our lives. They are closely linked aspects of society and the studies and developments in both of science and technology are essential for the overall progress of society.
Nowadays how can we imagine our lives without computers? Internet, cell phones and other technologikal things. These things very important in our life. Without them the modern society can't be exist. It's a base for whole civilized world. It makes our life easier, interesting.
The importance of technology lies in the benefits of technology on society. The positive effects of technology on society are many. The advancements in technology have revolutionized human life….

Most popular career

Most of young people wants to get the job where the salary is high. To my mind most popular career choices in next 5 years will be the technologic professions.
The world develops fast and the new technologies are growing too. So in that case there will be needed more specialists.
We can say that in all times the profession which connected with money where very perspective. So if you want to become rich choose the career of banker. Also you can start your own business and work only for yourself.
There are a lot professions where the salary is hogh, very interesting, and you grow up in the career. It's a personal choice of every men. You should think which career is suitable for you.

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