Career Choices In The Next Five Years Anka Glushak

In our modern society we need more spheres of services and that’s why we have a lot of careers choices.
In the next five years the most popular professions will be in sphere of railways. The government of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia decided to join Yakutsk with other main cities in Russian Federation and several years ago they started building of trunk-railway. It will be the most popular career I think. Moreover if you would like working here you will see the whole parts of our immense country. The second popular profession will be the e-comers. Nowadays internet plays one of the main roles in our business and not only business. You can talk with your friends all over the world and keep the relation every time. Gradually we will be lazy people and we will trust our work to internet. We will sit at home and buy things from internet for instance food clothing and even furniture.
So when you choose your future profession you must understand which career will be popular in your own country.

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