Career Goals Essay Example

Childhood Career Goals Essay #1

Picking a career is a big decision in life. During my childhood my career path was locked in my mind. Being a helpful, caring doctor was my best choice. Looking back on my childhood, it was filled with many interesting and needed events to shape my future. People have different reasons for choosing a career path, but mine was shaped by my memories and experiences. I was determined to become the best doctor in the world, one that would be able to adapt to any patient that walked through the door. But, what I didn’t know was that my inexperienced and unintelligent career choice was not what I wanted to do later in life. Being rich did not mean success in my eyes as I grew wiser. In the end, this was the career that I would do for the rest of my life. So, I decided to start thinking about what I actually wanted to do and become.

High school science classes were alarming and intimidating when the teacher named off the topics that would be learned. My thoughts started to wander away from science and went to a subject that was intriguing and amusing. Finding another career path was the next road block that needed to be discovered. Being a doctor was no longer fascinating because of the money that is made in this career. I realized that to be successful, you didn’t have to be rich. That led to my next thoughts of what my fulfilling and exciting life would consist of.

Business classes started to intrigue me throughout high school. I felt that this was my escape of being a rich doctor. I then started to liberate myself from the medical field studies and immigrate myself into the business field. This was just a start to find the perfect career path. Using my skills and my knowledge, I soon discovered that I wanted to stay in this career path. This made me feel full and complete on the inside.

As grades passed and time moved on, my views changed. My childhood goal became distant to me, I was finding a way to be successful in my eyes. When I was young, I chose my career path because a doctor made lots of money. But in the end, doctor’s do not have it off that great. They are always on call, have to work with blood, and work odd hours. To me, business was my path to success. Success is not something other people can judge of mine. Only I can judge whether I am successful or not.

Essay about Career Goal #2

It’s been a truly remarkable journey, now that high school is almost over the decision of choosing a major is a hard thing to do. As of right now, I am torn between Kinesiology and Pre-Professional program. Both majors will help me accomplish my future career goals. For this reason, I am torn between the two because they will both help me in a positive way, but I don’t know which one would be the best type of degree for my career choice.

In the beginning, choosing a major was hard for me, because I wanted to do Accounting or something in the mathematical field. I’ve always loved math and it comes naturally, and easily, to me. On the other hand, I personally like a challenge which is why I believe Kinesiology or Pre-Professional programs would be best for me. This is because I enjoy sports and helping others, on the other hand I know biology can be tough to me, but I am willing to try to reach my career goals. I feel as though Kinesiology would be a great degree to have when it comes to Sports Medicine or any other sports or exercise related career. In other words, in case I change what I want to be my career, I can still have other options without feeling like i'm stuck doing something I don't want to. On the other hand, an Pre-Professional program could be the best fit for Sports Medicine Physician. Due to the fact a Physician has to have a Doctoral or Professional degree, I would have to go to Medical School and the Pre-Professional program would help me prepare. However, if I do the Pre-Professional program and end up changing my mind about the career choice, I feel stuck with having to do something in the medical field.

While I am in the process of getting my degree I plan on volunteer or getting pand healthcare experience. I want to make sure I take full advantage of every opportunity I have, and gaining some more experience, and knowledge, in the healthcare field will help me accomplish my career goal. After I graduate with my degree, it will help me further my education. This is because once I graduate college I plan on attending Medical School. Once I complete Medical School I will have to get my certification and then I will be classified as a Medical Doctor, or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Not to mention, once I finish Medical School I will also be prepared to get my Medical License, which is required. Therefore, my college degree would be really beneficial in helping me achieve my career goal as a Sports Medicine Physician.

All in all, I plan on getting a degree in either and doing more to future my education Kinesiology or Pre-Professional program. Afterwards, I want to use my degree to help further my education and become a Sports Medicine Physician.

College Scholarship Essay Example about Educational and Career Gaols #3

In the fall of 2017, I will be attending the University of Alaska Anchorage to pursue a degree in Applied Science, Nursing. During my October campus tour, I inevitably fell in love with the winter wonderland, the more than superior athletic facilities, but most of all the Nursing Program.

Primarily, my educational goals are to remain an ambitious student, that is disciplined in study time to achieve a 4.0, while simultaneously surrounding myself with people who have similar goals as me. I plan to take full advantage of the countless resources that UAA offers to help better my success like the library, tutors, etc… I also want to participate in extracurricular activities, I am very excited to get involved in Active Minds and Simple Truth. One thing that high school has taught me, is being a social student beyond the classroom is a great way to achieve a well rounded education.

In four years I envision myself receiving my BSN from UAA, eager to take on adulthood. I chose the field of Nursing after job shadowing at the Creekside Family Health Clinic. After getting my BSN, I want to continue my hard work to earn my Masters Degree as well as a Graduate Certificate specializing in Family Practice. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, my career goal is to work at an Alaskan Native Health Clinic then one day open up a practice of my own.

Essay Example:Success in Career #4

There are myriad considerations or factors that every one must take into account regarding success in a future career. I strongly believe that to achieve success, the ability of the individual to relate well to people is more essential than studying hard in school. One can consciously weigh the pros and cons of each side. The reasons will be explored in the following essay.

To begin with, having the power to relate well to people bring strong business relationships with quality positions in a company, this is vital in any job. The worker who have magnificent communication skills posses a high probability to get promoted in the company. Relationships with high position managers exposes the person to be noticed and under the spotlight. If an employer who lacks the skills to communicate and has an assignment to make a presentation about a certain work issue, would he be capable of explaining his views and ideas? If that is a devastating problem, then what did studying hard in school and getting a grade mark benefit him in real harsh life.

Furthermore, relating well to people have various psychological effects on one's personality, which is the true mirror to society. Important and effective communication skills sparkles the individual and peak the level of personal satisfaction to the most. A satisfied employee is definitely a better person with high capabilities. For example, an engineer who has the charisma inside a company would be happier at a personal level, and more creative in his assignments from a business point of view. This breaks the ice when communicating with different group members or between the company and their competition. Amused employees are strongly equal to a powerful company.

Last but not least, from a financial perspective, the ability to relate well to people is financially more rewarding, since every one demands a higher check. When related to wealthy people with a high pay, the worker would absolutely be more motivated to do a perfect task and reach his aim, the goal of success. Money encourages the person to dream huge, resulting in a person who follows the right track to achieve the peak. Hard and smart work is completely related to communication skills.

Due to aforementioned ground, the ability to relate well to people is the most myriad characteristic for a successful individual who aim high in his life. It's rewards are related to many aspects in life including business, psychological, and financial issues.

KIC has provided health care that has helped me become the healthy student that I am today. With two ACL tears accompanied by a weak immune system, the medical staff of the tribal clinic always go above and beyond their job requirements, leaving a positive impact on even the worst days of my life. One day I want to be able to impact people that way. With hard work and dedication to my goals, I know that next year I will thrive as a Seawolf but more importantly, as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

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