David Peritz

David Peritz

Professor in the Political Science
at Sarah Lawrence College,
Bronxville, NY

1983-1987 – BA, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Occidental College
1987-1991 – Oxford University,
1987-2003 - D. Phil. Politics

1991-1996 – Lecturer, Harvard University,
Jan 2001- Present – Professor and Co-Chair of Politics Department, Sarah
Lawrence College,
Jan 2011 – Present – Regular Visiting Professor, Master of Arts in liberal Studies,
Dartmouth College

Featured Skills & Endorsements
Public Speaking, Teaching, Editing, Grant Writing, Research, Program Development, Higher Education

Special interests in democracy in conditions of cultural diversity, social complexity and political dispersal, critical social theory, social contract theory, radical democratic thought, and the idea of dispersed but integrated public spheres that create the social and institutional space for broad-based, direct participation in democratic deliberation and decision-making.

Undergraduate Courses 2017-2018
Modern Political Theory, The Legitimacy of Modernity

Previous Courses
Justice, Action, Legitimacy, Power
Diminished Democracy: Critical Perspectives on the Roots of Our Contemporary Political Malaise
The Philosophy and Politics of (In)Equality
Modern Political Theory
First-Year Studies: Democracy, Diversity, and (In)equality

David Paritz, Constructions of Power, Constructions of Reason: Democratic Cooperation in An Era of Diversity and Complexity, University of Oxford (2005)

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