Describe A Favourite Place Anka Glushak

In this essay I’d like to tell about flat-dream of mine. Everyone want to have an own flat which he can surround to him taste. But nowadays to have an apartment is expensive wish. But we have varied choice. There are a lot of beautiful flats with big and bright rooms and wide windows.
What about the flat from my dreams I knew that someday I will do it. I want to have the flat with two wide rooms, big bathroom and big refrigerator. First of all, the wallpapers must be light and there are carpets on the floor. Second there is a coffee-table at the sitting room and two big and cozy arm-chairs. The furniture might be not big. The great role plays curtains. Violet curtains will look perfect with light wallpapers. And perhaps a little bit flowers must be at the sitting room. The choice of bad is very important thing for me. It must be broad and soft and folding. But I like to sleep on the floor in general. The TV-set is figured in my life. There are a lot of TV-sets we have to buy and even with for flash card. The picture crowns with the lamp. The chandelier must be exclusive. We have a great variance of it in “Optimist”. I fall in love with the chandelier with graceful petals and little lamps. But it costs 96 thousand rubles.
As for slipping room it must be comfortable exactly with broad and soft mattress. My working place can be including table with big shelf.
We must be stronger and purposeful to make our dreams in a reality.

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