Differences Of Reading A Story In A Book And Seeing It As A

Write about similarities and differences of reading a story in a book and seeing it as a film.
Reading story in a book is very different thing than seeing it as a film.
If you don’t like reading you must be like watching films. When you are watching film in cinema you are very confined. You can not use your fancy and imagination. You only watch the film as the producer offered. In any way it is very boring. When you are reading you can imagine as the hero any other actor you want. Moreover there are more interesting moments in a book you read. Because in film it is impossible to show everything what the author wrote in the book. There are a lot details which are important if the book has several volumes. Lets take for an instance the story about little boy whose name is Harry Potter. The story consist seven books. The author described unexpected world of wizards. It is hard to believe that there is the other world besides our. When you are reading this book you wish to be a wizard. In the Harry Potter’s world you can fly, be invisible and you are the king of the whole world with wand. But if you saw only films you can’t imagine it as me. The first and the second films by Chris Columbus are more better then next four. The next four films are like a horrors and they exactly not for children. There is a terrible werewolf on the third film, pure children. The second film about which I want to tell you is “I’m a legend”. If you did not read the book you may be don’t know that the main zombie loved an experimental girl. He came to the main hero to take his love and to kill the doctor. These zombies are like men they can feel and love. You need to read a book to understand the main idea of the story.
In the conclusion I want to say that every story which was wrote for the reader not for audience is more interesting and pithy. So, read books.

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