Fast Food

Fast food is the very popular meal in our time. As we know, the motherland of this meal is America. The steps of career of this meal was so perspective but one situation can frighten the public. There are some news about the harm of fast food. First – America takes the first place according to the number of fat people. It continue to prove correct nowadays. We can watch TV and many news, music clips have the hint on harm of fast food. Many singers, bands have their own style on ridiculous of this meal.
Many people are so busy with their job and prefer to eat fast food. The speed of their life is so fast. They don’t care about the health. This is so horrible. The story began with McDonalds. This man created an easy way of cooking the meal. At first, it was a mainstream. All people saw with suspicion to his creature but with the time it found the admirers and began to bring the money. Fast food spread in many countries and had the wide advertising. The industry of fast food bothered to other natural meal industry and societies. Scientifics investigated this meal. There are some opinions that fast food has bad fertilizers.
As for me this is so risky way of nourishment. I have never eaten fast food and I’m not going to do it. You don’t know what you eat , what you give to your children and other relatives. Luckily, nowadays there are many societies on a struggle against the harm of fast food. But every man has his own opinion and only he can decide what he will eat.

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