Feminism Essay Example

Feminism is as highly controversial topic in today’s world. Although it’s about fighting for women’s rights, the Feminist movement has divided itself and caused different forms of Feminism to occur. The article “Women’s Rights” talks about this issue and says: “Others argue that Feminism is and outdated notion” and “Some people believe that Feminism is is still a valid movement in the twenty-first century” (Women’s Rights 1). The movement is deviating more and more from the original core values and in some cases becomes ridiculously extreme.

First, feminists claim that in the twenty first century, boys are pushed by teachers to take more STEM oriented classes. Feminists, along with this claim, believe girls in school are pushed away from these subjects. However, a study in Denmark showed otherwise. In the study, boy and girl students were observed and it showed that boy and girl students were driven equally to take more STEM oriented classes (Women's Rights 1). In regard to the feminist statement that girls are pushed away from STEM subjects, the study actually showed the female students were less prone to taking these classes because they did not find interest in them. In retrospect, this study does not cover female students on the college levels and only covers primary and secondary schooling. To counter this dispute, women are discriminated towards and face many obstacles in trying to take these STEM oriented class in college and any other levels of secondary education. The following quote from “Women’s Rights” describe how single and married moms are challenged to take these STEM oriented classes in secondary education, “Working mothers are faced with so many obstacles, particularly in the realm of day care and household chores” (Women’s Rights 2). If a woman was to apply for a really challenging college subject, she would have a difficult time not only getting accepted into the program, but would also face the challenge of paying for the classes without getting into student loan debt, and to be honest there is not a lot of help for married mothers or single moms to pay for these college classes. Although single moms and married moms have trouble paying and pursuing these subjects, they chose the path of motherhood. They should not blame discrimination for the issue of not being able to pay their college tuition and pay for their child. If a woman chose the path of school and decided to not have a baby, the woman would have a much easier time getting through school compared to a mother with a child. Women in school are pushed just as equally to pursue STEM oriented classes as men and are not discriminated against in the education system. The choices women make can determine whether or not they are able to pass and complete these classes and have nothing to do with discriminatory action.

Second, the wage gap between men and women has no relation to discrimination towards women. In fact, if a man and a woman had the same job, they would be paid the exact same. US law even requires equal pay for men and women if they have the same qualifications. This law takes away any discrimination towards women in regard to equal pay. Contradicting this is a study done in 2008 that showed women only take up thirty-nine percent if upper level jobs (Women's Rights 1). This shows how women are usually given lower paying jobs than men. Another study conducted showed that women make seventy-seven percent of what men made that year. The reason this occurs is because men are given all the high ranking jobs which in net brings in more money to male gender group as a whole. On the flip side, there are many reasons why women make up less of the upper ranking jobs compared to men, and it has nothing to do with gender. Women, more specifically mothers, typically choose jobs that appeal the family lifestyle. This type of job is usually a lower-ranking job that requires less hours. The wage gap has been brought about by the majority of women being mothers. Despite the fact that men have made more than women in recent years, women and men are paid the same if they hold the same position.

Lastly, the Feminist movement has split and has lost most of its relevance in the twenty first century. As time has gone on, women have made huge gains from the beginning of the Feminist movement. Women have finally gained all the rights men have, and have reached a state of equilibrium within the law. In fact, these rights have made it to where the Feminist movement is almost no longer needed and is starting to divide the movement on what the group is going to focus on. Even though Feminism has made such progress, women still face everyday problems that need to be addressed. In the modern age women still face problems like job security and reproductive rights (Feminism 1). All these problems affect the daily life of women across the country. Women in the US may be going through hardships that need to be addressed, but is that not every day life? Men all over the country face problems and hardships, but there really is not a male activism movement. Most problems Feminist groups address are now just regular problems faced by regular people. In the end, Feminism needs to focus on more important issues like helping out Islamic countries where women are facing violations of basic human rights.

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In conclusion, the Feminist movement in the twenty-first century is starting to prove itself invalid. Yes, the argument of Feminism will go on, but the leaders of the Feminist movement really need to focus on more important problems. Feminism in the USA has started to become superficial with all of the laws put in place to restrain people from gender discrimination. In fact, people now have the right to completely change their gender if they want to. Feminism is becoming one dimensional movement with no real evidence to back its claims up and should be either discontinued or redirected at other more important causes than wage gap, discrimination in education, etc.

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