For And Against Using Cars

As the time goes on, many new developments were added to the people's life. One of such inventions was a car. People have many different points of view about cars - whether they are useful or can we deal without them, no one can answer surely, everybody have different thoughts.
Nowadays, people can not imagine their lives without an automobile - they go to work by car and back to their homes, on picnics outside the city and everywhere else - it is very comfortable, it is quick so you can save your precious time and if you have a car - you always can earn some money, what is really a good reason to have one. Finally, everyone would like to have their intimate space, where you can relax, listen to music you like, instead of jostling in public transport.
However, some people are against of using cars as they think that cars have a bad side too, and mostly because they pollute, especially, polluted air harms inhabitants of big cities and may cause ozone holes. These all also may provoke a catastrophe as global warming.
We can also admit, that there are many accidents on road, when pedestrians are run over by cars, or many casualties of cars crash.
In conclusion, I want to say that, everything what is done, is done by people. If you want cars to be safe - it's up to you.

Oleg, I think you are right- a lot depends on people. The content and organizatin are good, but sometimes you make glaring mistakes. Satisfactory for grammar. Marina Ionarievna

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