For And Against Using Cars Dorik Danilov

This century is called the era of new technologies. One of the most important inventions of mankind is the cars. Cars are means of conveyance, which man can not do without. Right now, most people travel by car. Man is not embarrassed by the fact that it is expensive to have a car.
But not all are suitable vehicles. Cars can be useful both positive and negative. Nothing exists without the for and against in our life. Some believe that cars are necessary for human while others say that cars are the cause of many accidents and deaths. And as they cause environmental pollution.
By the one side car is a means of conveyance. Vehicles that can carry us anywhere quickly and conveniently. Easier to travel by car than walk.
On the other hand cars cause air pollution. Car makes gases harmful for human health. We can see many cars on the road. The car is also a dangerous thing. People who can not drive or even an ordinary passerby could cause a traffic incident. The main reason for these tragedies is alcohol that is drunk drivers on wheels.
Using cars is dangerous to humans and indeed to all humanity. Now every year the number of cars grows and grows. And in the future I hope that people will find a way to use the car properly without harm to health and the environment.

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