For And Against Using Cars Ta

In 21 century there are a lot of new technologies which have changed human's life.Nowadays our world is another. It is more modern and mobilaze. One of the greatest creation of people are cars. Cars are means of comunication which without their noone can move and go somewhere.Now every citizen has own car and it is ordinary. If even someone does not not have it always people manage to buy car to make easy movement.
When cars were made the advantage and disadvantages have been being. Nothing exists without for and against in our world. Some people say that cars are so useful and another say they are reason of polution.
Of course, cars are so useful. They have speed which is necessary in our time. We can go everywhere where we want. Cars overcome the big distance which we cannot do it on foot. Cars keep people's energy, because we just sit in car and just drive.
On the other hand, cars are reason of air's polution.Gas is poison for our nature.Every day the number of cars is becoming bigger and it is serious problem. Also cars make traffic jams. It is important weakness of big cities.Traffic jams cause on every numan's life. Everybode know there are a lot of accidents on roads.Cars are dangerous very much, because they are reason of people's death.
So, cars are useful and so dangerous for humanity and environment.And nobody knows how will develop in the future.But people will use them as often as they do now.

Marina Ionarievna Tuyara, the content is good. But sometimes you make grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Good for content and organization, satisfactory for mistakes.

i quite support your way of thinking about cars. Ira Solovyova

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