For And Against Using Cellphones

We live in 21 century and its means that we can not imagine our lives without new technologies. Of course we can not live without cellphones and another kind of devices. Everybody who have a mobile operator in his place of living have a mobile phone. We use our devices to listen music or to take a photo, we can use it to listen the radio or just to play games. There a lot of types of phones we can choose to. There exist phones for the kids and for man in age. But some people argue that life could be less stressful without them. A lot of people wondering their life without cellphone. Think about that your work or family problems can find you everywhere in the world. Your boss just can call you and say everything he wants to.
On one hand we have a good device which is necessary in our fast living world. Our jobs or our lives are addicted to our cellphones. All our contacts and number are in our phones. Imagine if you have lost your phone. It is a disaster to all businessman.
Parents are calm because they know where their child is. It is easy to control a ma if he has a phone with him. Man in age can easily call doctors when he feels bad. We can know the latest news or temperature outside. It is useful for everybody.
On the other hand we have an addiction. Some people just can not live without their devices. They pay a lot of money for their calls and text messages. Some doctors and psychologist says that it is a new type of addiction. People go to sleep chatting by phone and wake up to chat again. They are chatting at the lectures and so on. Also a theory exist which says that a lot of using phone can being a brain cancer.
In conclusion I want to say that, of course cellphones always will be in our lives. But only we can choose which role it will play. Will it be just a device of communication or it can take a big part of our live.

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