For And Against Using Mobile Phone

Nowadays almost all people use mobile phone. We can't imagine our life without this small thing. And I'm sure that everyone who forgot it at home in the morning would run back for it, even he would be late at his job or classes. We became very depended on mobile phone: our day is there. And it's no wonder in it, because mobile phone consists a lot of useful things as clock, calendar, internet, calculator, maps, camera, music player, radio and so on according to model of the phone. also it is irreplaceable because with the help of it we are always in touch with relatives, friends, our parents or children. But, as scientists said, it can provoke the deafness and do a bad radioactive influence of to our brain and heart. So what we should do? To my mind mobile phone stands in very important place in our life today and I think nobody will give up using mobile phone no matter what it can provoke a deafness or something else. But we should hope that scientists will create a phone which will be safe to use.

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